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No Space? No Problem!

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Okay, so here's your dilemma. You want to work out with free weights at home but you're limited on space. Whether you live in a small apartment or condo, or your wife won't let you convert the garage into a home gym, it's difficult to have a full set of dumbbells if you don't have the square footage to accommodate them. And unfortunately, there's only so much progress you can make with those 15 pound dumbbells hanging out under your bed that your mom gave you after she quit her step aerobics class.

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbells

Not to worry, because Fitness Headquarters has the perfect solution for you! Yea, we know that sounds gimmicky, but we really do! If you haven’t heard of PowerBlock dumbbells, prepare to have your mind blown. What if we said that you can replace up to 55 pairs of dumbbells with just ONE pair that only takes up about a square foot of space? With our line of PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells in Dallas, you can! These compact dumbbells allow you to switch between weights within seconds. These dumbbells will save you both money and space; all while providing you with the same benefits of traditional dumbbells.

How do they work?

It's simple. Move the weight selector pin to the desired weight and start lifting.

We have a variety of different models that come in different weight ranges and increments. Stop by one of our Fitness HQ locations to check out our selection of PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells in Dallas. Try them out and feel free to ask our knowledgeable sales associates questions.


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