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Nintendo Wii Fit U

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The video game company that made you sweat in the 1980's with the Nintendo Entertainment System's "Power Pad" accessory is back with a more sophisticated exercise and fitness game/toy hybrid, "Wii Fit U". This clean ecosystem consisting of the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Balance Board, and optional Nintendo Step Counter (and the "Wii Fit U" software, naturally) delivers a dizzying amount of cardio, yoga, balance, and endurance exercises that rival the commodities found at most gyms - but the virtual male or female workout instructors are no replacement for the real thing.

Again, while Nintendo's "Wii Fit U" is not a complete work out replacement for a regular brick-and-mortar gym, it does offer a unique and fun way to get you and your family or friends motivated to get off the couch and get your sweat on under the disguise of playing a Nintendo game! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hike up to the top of Mount Everest step-by-step? "Wii Fit U" takes your footsteps in reality and translates them into the game to virtualize your trip to the summit!

There are foot races, obstacle courses, and plenty of cool down/breathing exercises to pad out the experiment. "Wii Fit U" also contains a large catalog of Yoga routines and fun, upbeat scenery to add some flair to the hum-drum of jogging in place in your living room.

A fun bonus to buying this electronic work out system is the Nintendo Wii U's ability to play video games, stream movies over the web through Netflix (and other services), and basic web services for browsing and social media - All at no additional charge (apart from your streaming video service subscription fees).

We think anything that can get you up and motivated to work out is a good thing, and this is certainly one of the more unique and inventive ways we've seen to get families having fun working out with each other.


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