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Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercise

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If you’ve got friends in the fitness circuit, you may have heard the terms aerobic and anaerobic exercise. What do they mean? They simply refer to the chemical processes by which your muscle cells get energy (in the form of ATP). We’ve created a brief overview:

The difference between the two types of exercise comes down to oxygen presence in the blood stream. When your muscles use oxygen to get their energy, this gets referred to as aerobic exercise. When the oxygen you take in doesn’t cut it, your muscles resort to other methods of getting energy. This gets referred to as anaerobic exercise. At no point can you use one or the other completely; the more strenuous your workout, the more anaerobic exercise you will have gotten.

Anaerobic exercise produces waste products that cause your muscles to hurt and feel fatigue. Competitive athletes do more anaerobic exercises because it lets them improve faster and perform more strenuous tasks.

If you want to apply this knowledge to your own routine, think about the goals you have set for yourself. If you have just started exercising, stick more with aerobic. If your muscles can take more strain, you might want to start implementing anaerobic exercises (which includes weight lifting). You will improve faster, but remember they can cause more strain to your joints and muscles.

Here at Fitness HQ, we offer quality exercise machines that you can perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercises on. For more information, please give us a call at (214) 785-1222.


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