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5 Most Ridiculous Fitness Gadgets

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Shake Weight

The Shake Weight is probably the most iconic fitness gadget of this decade. Is it because it works? Well, no. However, the makers claim that repetitively shaking a pulsating dumbbell will stimulate muscle "toning". For me, the only thing it stimulates is laughter-which I admit, gives me quite the ab workout so maybe it's not so useless.


Do you wish you had the ability to crack coconuts with your thighs? Well grab a Thighmaster and get to squeezing! Who would have thought that a bent metal tube covered in foam and attached to a hinge would do wonders to your inner thighs? Oh wait, it doesn't. Chances are using the Thighmaster won't get you thighs like Suzanne Somers. Sorry ladies.

The Rack

"Yo man, nice walker." "Dude, it's not a walker. It's a sophisticated piece of exercise equipment called the Rack!" Who needs a gym when you have The Rack? You can do anything with it! Dips? Check. Push-ups? Check. Bicep curls, check. Impersonations of your grandma? Check.

The Hawaii Chair

Wish you had an oscillating chair that would allow you to do the hula while sitting down? With the Hawaii Chair, now you can! The makers emphasize how the Hawaii Chair makes it convenient to effortless workout your hips and abdomen while at work. "Excuse me dentist, could you not sit in your Hawaii Chair while you try to precisely drill a hole in my tooth? Thanks."

Treadmill Bike

Here's your dilemma. You want to go running outside but you don't want to get the bottom of your shoes dirty from contaminants commonly found on the earth's surface. With the treadmill bike, problem solved! Best of all, now you have a reason to wear a helmet when you go running!

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